Gymnasium & Cafeteria

The Gym is 7,700 square feet with a large stage and seating for 500

The Cafeteria is 1,800 square feet with a smaller stage and complete kitchen facilities.

Wedding Service Center

This is a full service facility, all wedding needs provided from transportation to the ceremony.


Best Testimonials are here

After the recent emergence of a local Lion Club, we have all voted in favor of using the cafeteria facilities at the Mineral Lake Event Center for our bi-weekly meetings. It was a simple decision as it truly caters for our every needs of being spacious enough to fit all casinouzmani77 members, enough tables to sit everyone at and also a small stage for the speakers. The facility very much caters for all of our needs and all at a very good price. We couldn't be happier.

Maria Jimenez Founding Member August 28, 2015

We needed a venue for our football team sports presentation end of season awards ceremony after the abolishment of our previous venue and the Mineral Lake Event Center proved to be the perfect location. At a very reasonable price, we were able to gain access to the very spacious gymnasium which allowed us to comfortably fit in all of the rulet members of the club as well as their families. For a small additional price, we were able to gain access to the kitchen from which we could provide food and refreshments for everyone attending. A superb venue and highly recommended.

Dave Cutter Secretary of the team July 23, 2015

After our school gymnasium was shut down after a small fire, we desperately required a venue to hold our 8th grade end of school disco. After searching around for an ideal location, we stumbled across the Mineral Lake Event Center. It is a truly fantastic facility and more than met our space requirements for the whole grade to fit in, whilst all at a very affordable price. I would like to thank all of the staff at the Mineral Lake Event Center for making all of this possible at such short notice and I am happy to note that everybody had a great time and was very complimentary about the facility.

Ian Clayton School Principal Jaipur, India July 23, 2015